Monday, March 16, 2009

Emily's 11th Birthday

Eleven years ago tonight, I was miserable! Our 6th child was recalcitrant about coming forth and joining our family. My niece, Christy, who was living with us to help during that time, convinced me to drink Castor Oil to get the baby moving. It did work, and at 11:30 pm we called the hospital and the doctor to warn them we were coming. I was afraid the baby would be born on the way there! When we arrived, we discovered the doctor had not been in as big a hurry as we were. I tried to wait on him, but decided he had had plenty of warning to get there in time from a few blocks away while we drove to Greeley from Johnstown (about 18 miles). An ER intern was summoned and very shortly after midnight Emily Grace Albertson was born. The doctor arrived in time for the cleanup. What a joy to have another baby girl! This was when she was a week or so old:
I love this picture so much! She was almost 2 months old and is wearing the sweet outfit my friend, Lynell Kirk sent for her:

She is just over 3 months in this picture:
We have many pictures of her all the years of her life, but I will put in some recent ones now.

Emily is anxious for the day when she will be taller than Mother. It won't be long. She is a social butterfly and enjoys having lots of friends, mostly homeschoolers. She is learning to play the violin, that God, in answer to her prayers, provided for her birthday.
We are blessed to have Emily in our family for the past 11 years. Tomorrow, we will have three of her friends over for supper and a time of playing games to celebrate her birthday. Her email is Emily [dot] ggn [at] gmail [dot] com . She enjoys getting emails, and would love to have greetings on her birthday.

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