Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on Emily's birthday

When we finished Jason and Jeffrey's quilt last summer, we started on a quilt for Emily. It had been mostly set aside because of the busyness of life and school, but after my trip to MO, I determined to get it done. I finished with the quilt top the week before Emily's birthday, and it is now in MO at the quilter's.

Emily was thrilled to get a box in the mail containing a violin shoulder rest! Tim and Brenda ordered it for her birthday.

When Michael Durkee was up for the weekend, he brought Emily a BLUE bow for her violin! It is very nice!

Emily got some new Sunday shoes and a new bike helmet, but they were things she needed. For a surprise, I ordered the game "Have You Herd?" on for her birthday. We had played it at a homeschool game day and enjoyed it.

Here Beth and Emily are playing the game.

Beth ordered the whole set of Mildred Keith books for Emily. She will have plenty of books to read for awhile! Emily loves to read!

On her birthday evening, we had two friends over for supper and games. Celeste Roller and Lily Myers are special friends. Since her birthday was on a Tuesday, of course we had Taco Salad. That's what we do on Tuesdays!

We had a great time playing Have You Herd?, The Great Aunt Marlene game, Apples to Apples, and Pit. The time went much too quickly.

Emily had a happy 11th birthday! Several people called, sent cards, and sent greetings via email and facebook, so she felt loved and remembered!

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Tamesha Nolt said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!
Too Bad I Don't Livve So Close
God Bless You In This 11th Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!
In Him,
Tamesha & Jenny Nolt