Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home School Day at the Capitol April 3, 2009

It is our privilege and duty to attend the Home School Day at the Capitol Rally in Denver each year. We have missed a few years, but usually Rowen takes the day off work so we can go as a family. There are lots of dads who must do that, because dads are very well represented in the crowd each year. We are thankful for the good home school law we have in Colorado, and pray that we get to keep it!
This picture is of some of the home school supportive representatives and senators with the mc of the rally. At least one other very supportive senator was missing because of a funeral, and I believe some had to leave for other obligations. One was going up the stairs in this picture.

Rowen took this picture of the rest of us in the crowd. There would be no way to get a good picture of how many people were there unless you were up high with a wide angle lens.

We liked seeing these words in the west capitol steps.

Someone else took this picture of the Albertsons by the banner after the rally.

Some of the crowd dispersing after the rally. Notice the umbrella on the left. Rain did sprinkle on us for about 10 minutes during the rally. We were thankful it wasn't worse!

More of the crowd dispersal.

Some of the home schoolers had a tour led by Senator Ted Harvey with the Generation Joshua Club after the rally. We appreciated the tour and the "Legislation 101" overview Senator Harvey gave us here in the Representative House Chamber.

Part of the home school group with Senator Harvey.

Up in the dome!

The view from the dome.

Rowen took this picture when we were leaving the capitol for our several-block walk back to where we parked. We were thankful for the beautiful day!

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