Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weekend trip to Colorado Springs

We didn't know whether we would get to go to Colorado Springs last weekend for the Arms Around the World Missions Convention. The weather forecast was the worst possible for all of our area, south to Colorado Springs. We were bracing for 8 to 12 to 14 inches of snow. We prayed about it, telling God we really wanted to go, but we were not going to be foolish about it. When we woke up Saturday, there was just a skiff of snow. We took courage and went about our morning activities. Jeffrey had his ACT test in Greeley; Beth cleaned at the Chamber of Commerce; I went to the Parish House for docent training. When lunch time came, the snow had stopped without really bothering the roads at all. There was a little snow on the ground. Rowen checked the weather again and this is what he saw:

Johnstown is approximately at the Red X.
The storm stayed north and east of us! Even in Greeley, 20 miles from here, where Jeffrey tested, he drove through deep snow on the roads! We felt like the Lord intervened in the weather so we could go. Denver and south looked good, so we hurriedly packed a few things and left for Colorado Springs shortly after 2 pm. We had a good trip. The only snow on the road was in Monument Hill region, (of course, it will always be there if it is anywhere) and we had no slowdowns. We stayed with Rowen's cousin, Katie, and her dad, Uncle Alvin, where Seth Stevenson, one of our "adopted sons" was already staying. Seth was a big reason we wanted to go so badly. He lives in KY now and works at a Christian radio station and we hadn't seen him since Tim and Brenda's wedding last July.

We enjoyed the services Saturday night and Sunday morning at the AAW Convention and saw some of our friends who were there for the services.
Ben and Lori Kalovsky, from Mitchell, SD.

Walter and Carolyn Hagameier, from Burns, WY

Jerry and Heather Esparza, from Lakewood, enjoying a weekend celebrating their recent 26th anniversary!

Lloyd and Durenda Bley, from Mitchell, SD and Wauneta, NE.

There were many others there--packed church, and packed pastor's home where we ate Sunday dinner. It was a refreshing time for our souls and we were so glad we could go. Seth came home with us for the rest of Sunday evening and part of Monday, before we took him to the airport on Monday afternoon.
This is a view of Pike's Peak from Uncle Alvin and Katie's driveway. They get to look at this every day!

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