Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brent and Alicia Susan's visit

Brent and Alicia Susan and their daughter Tirzah came for the Cruz-Troyer wedding and spent the weekend with us. We really enjoyed having them with us. We thought the "swaddler" Tirzah was wrapped in when it was time for sleep was great! Wish we would've had one when our children were babies.

She always went to sleep when she was in the swaddler.

We enjoyed breakfast at Loveland Mountain Park on the way to Estes.

It is our favorite place and one we like to take guests to when we have company.

Tirzah seemed to like the mountains just fine!

She even liked her adopted grandpa Rowen!

Sitting on the rocks by the Big Thompson River is one of our favorite things to do!

Brent had been here before, but it was Alicia's first time for our mountains.

Tirzah got startled for this picture. I thought her outstretched arms were so cute!

This was taken before they left on Monday morning.

One of the special things about the Susans' visit was that they brought their instruments. So we had music several times. This happened to be at bedtime, so please excuse our children's pajamas, but enjoy the music!

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