Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rocky Mountain pictures from August 8, 2009

A few pictures by the Big Thompson River after our breakfast picnic

We went on to Estes and down highway 7 to Lily Lake. There is a nice walking trail around Lily Lake. Even wheelchairs can go on it safely.

Of course, we did not stay on the nice walking trail. The kids wanted to go on one of the hike that takes off from there. Rowen and I found it too steep for our liking and stopped to enjoy this view:

We even found some nice stumps to take a picture of:

The kids went much higher, but Jeffrey stopped for a "Word from the Creator"

Emily getting higher!

and higher!

Looking down on Lily Lake!

She and Jason liked this profile rock on top of the world! (The guy is facing right.)

Beautiful view from up there!

Looking down where we started.

Taking a rest on the way down.

They finally made it back to where we were.

Back down to the Lily Lake trail now. They think they climbed the middle hill behind them.

We went on to Meeker Park for lunch and the kids took these photos.

Jason manned the camera and did not get in many shots.

A fallen tree Jason and Emily climbed.

What we did while they monkeyed around!

We enjoyed our day in the mountains!

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