Monday, October 12, 2009

Early Winter in Northern Colorado

Here in northern Colorado the past five days brought about a drastic change from the beautiful autumn that we had had for a few weeks. Last Wednesday it was 80'F and a perfect fall day. After I looked at this forecast, I quickly decided to shut-off and drain our backyard water feature and to make certain that the garden hoses were drained and disconnected. I brought firewood into the garage for ready use and uprooted the rest of the garden plants that were barely frosted. It was a beautiful evening, but something about the north wind made me believe the forecast.

Friday morning...

Friday Evening...

Saturday morning

Sunday afternoon

The really unusual thing was that many of the trees in town that still had fully green leaves, seemed to freeze and drop leaves suddenly with the weight of the icy-snow on them.

Though our political climate change has been more gradual, it seems that this weekend weather has been a type of what we see happening in our world. While the post World War II era has had localized battles, the whole world has been in a state that seemed to most of us lazy Americans as late-summer-into-fall serenity. But recently I am sensing a different realization among the humans that I am around; a shocked awareness that the icy cold grip of BIG government control is suddenly upon us, whether we like it or not. For us North Americans, the loss of jobs for real people whose names and faces we know, then the loss of homes, and the certainty of no jobs being available to step into, feels a lot like the coming cold, deadly winter. Can we still trust in God, for each moment and for the unseen future? Can we even think of having a heartfelt Thanksgiving holiday next month? And what about Christmas? Will those with paychecks feel guilty exchanging gifts, when many all around us can't afford a home, or warm clothes? I wonder about these things, but I have no doubt that God is in control, that whatever He allows us to experience will be for our ultimate good, and I trust that these times will draw many to a new or a fresh dependence upon Him. He is still the King of kings and Lord of lords, and He reigns in Heaven, preparing a place for His own...and I doubt it will be icy cold there...And for now, I'm thankful that His own presence can warm our hearts like that fire in the fireplace warmed our chilled bodies last Friday night.

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Laura said...

Beautiful post and so true... thanks for sharing.