Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home School Field Trips

On October 15, the Johnstown-Milliken homeschool group had two field trips. The weather last week prevented us from having the field trips when they were originally scheduled. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time.
First we went to the Watson Lake Fish Hatchery. After a talk, a video about stocking lakes using airplanes in the mountains, lots of questions and answers, the kids got to feed the fish. All of them seemed to enjoy this, the kids and the fish!

After about a half hour of this fun, we moved to the location of the AlpacaKing farm. Mrs. King gave us a tour of the alpacas' living space and introduced us to all of the alpacas by name and told us facts and stories about each one. It was all very interesting. This barn and fenced area is where the new babies and expectant mothers stay. There were two fairly new babies and more to come.

This is Mrs. King's granddaughter, Sydney, whose family is part of our homeschool group.

This is my friend, Kelly, and her one year old, LeAnn, who has recently started walking.

I liked this two-toned alpaca. He was in the pen with other show animals.

Mrs. King and the two-toned one that she knows the name of, and I have forgotten!

Here Mrs. King is showing us how wonderful the fiber is on this young alpaca, who I believe was only three months old.

This is a mother and her yearling. It was amazing to me that the young one did not have a blend of both parents' color of coats. Mrs. King said that the young ones tend to hang out with their mother, and that they sleep together at night.

I thought it was so cute how curiously this alpaca was stalking the cat.

Our young friend, Quinten, Kelly's son, and the guard dog-in-training. She is huge!

Alpacas are curious and like to approach on their own, rather than be rushed upon. The little boy in the striped shirt is Kelly's other son, Harrison.

Emily getting acquainted

We had a great time visiting the alpacas. Go to to learn all about them!

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