Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Local Quilt Show

For the last 8 years our family has been involved with our local quilt show, which is a fund raising event for the Johnstown Historical Society. We are involved with the historical society in many different ways throughout the year (Rowen is the treasurer), but this is the most enjoyable activity for our family.

We were involved right from the start in 2002 with the hardware to hang quilts on in the local high school gymnasium. We fasten 1/4" braided ropes across the entire gym, attached only by S-hooks to the top row of bleachers. We place three 2"X4" support posts along the 80' span. Then we help to hang the quilts on the ropes with clothes pins, and attach identification forms and quilt entry numbers to each one.

Last night we did all of that again, with several other very good helpers.

Here are Sage and Larry Hamilton (son and father) working together hanging quilts; they were really great help all evening!

It was kind of neat to see families working on this together.
Rowen and Jason on the left, and Jeff, Beth, and Janet on the right hanging quilts

We had over one hundred quilts entered this year. Most of the quilts in the row on the right are ours.

Janet's "Scripture Quilt" that she made entirely this year was on display. We've been using in on our bed, and it is useful, as well as beautiful!

Emily with her own quilt that she helped design and make this year!

This was without doubt the most unique 'quilt' that we had this year. It was the quilter's daughter's baby clothes all pieced together, including the matching socks for some of the outfits. Some rattles were even attached! It wasn't really pretty, or elegant, but very interesting as a memory of a child's baby days...and very heavy!

Janet worked at the quilt show today at the admissions table, where visitors paid their $2 to get into the show.
Janet and Charlene Nelson at the Admissions Table after admitting nearly 500 people the first day of the quilt show

Beth and Emily worked for 2-hours selling the donated baked goods, also a fundraiser for the Historical Society.

Ann Schwalm and Beth at the Bake Sale Tables

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