Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jeffrey and Jason's room

Jeffrey and Jason's room before:

Jeffrey had to decide what color he wanted to use out of the paint we had available. Jason suggested stripes using all of them, but his motion was voted down.

He used the blue primer we had for the girls' room, but added some white primer with it. Then he did all the cutting in with the green.

Jason did all the taping and "gophering", plus supplied the room with Radio Theatre. This picture shows the new ceiling fan/light, without the shade on it.
Jeffrey let me do all of the rolling of the primer and the green. It was really fun! (We sent Rowen on a mission to hunt down new tennis shoes for Emily, so the painting field was left open for me.) We don't have a color name for the green, because it was a "mis-tint" Jeffrey got cheap at ACE Hardware. But it was very good paint; it was ACE paint.

Next we had to decide what kind of faux technique to use. The one on the left was repainted over with green and that wall was left green.

I got a phone call while I was fauxing.

You can see in my hand the sea sponge I used for the fauxing. I also have a piece of styrofoam that was helpful for getting in the corners and edges.

The west wall of their room after it was put back together. We still need to decorate this wall.

The south and east walls of the room. I need to make curtains that go with the new paint. (A project for another day.)

The entry to their room. This little wall and the south wall are the only ones that are fauxed. The picture was painted for Jason by Russell Richardson, in about 10 minutes, back in 2005.

It was fun painting the boys' room! We called off painting for awhile, until we have more time to do our bedroom...


Sherry said...

Sorry to tell you this but I liked all the walls better without the fauxing! The green in the boys room and the blue in the girls room was sooooo pretty, then you fauxed it. :-( You should have taken votes on this.

Anonymous said...

Before you do you bedroom, mail me the fauxing sponge!

twila said...

Looks so familiar--all that painting. We did a very careful camouflage in the boys' room in Ukraine and now Dave and I are going to move into it!! We've done sponge (faux) painting, too. Sometimes we've liked it, sometimes not.