Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Hallway facelift

Before Picture:

The upstairs hallway has been country white since August of 1989, like most of our house. Since we were in a strange frame of mind, (changing the girls' room so drastically), we decided to do a "color" in the hallway. We thought we picked a color that went with the carpet, but when it was done, Rowen did not like it.

So we debated whether to faux over it, or "get used to it." On email chat with Tim, he encouraged us to try the faux. I got to do it because Rowen got busy doing the electrical work of putting up ceiling fans/lights in the kids' bedrooms. I really enjoyed getting to do the faux, and we love the new look. It is Nevada Tan underneath, and Scone, a lighter tan, on top. I used a sea sponge for this, different from the technique Randy used in the girls' room.

Rowen used the ceiling lights from the kids' bedrooms to replace and add lighting in the hallway. It is so much better now! We changed the pictures on the walls to include some new ones we got from our children for Christmas.

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