Saturday, January 2, 2010

Painting the Girls' Room

Because of weather in KS and MO, Randy and Joy got to stay with us longer than they had planned. (Tim and Brenda flew on Christmas afternoon to spend time with her family in NJ.) Randy decided to help us with our painting project in Beth and Emily's room. Since that is what he does for a living, we let him help us out. In fact, he did almost all of the work, not just help us. :)
The "Before" picture: wallpaper half way up, chair rail, country white paint above, red bunk bed.

So it was a lot of work, moving out of the room and taking the wallpaper off; these pictures show the progress.
This is the beautiful primer after it was on.

Putting on "Gentleman's Gray". We all thought it looked more like blue than gray, but it was a pretty color.

Randy, after having "ragged off" Bridal Pink.

Jeffrey painted the trim pure white.

Here is one corner redecorated. I had to add a dark blue edging to the curtains.

We were able to put a ceiling fan and light in. Having a bunk bed for years had kept us from doing it before. We got the shelf under the window off of Craig's List.

Also, we gave away the bunk bed to a home school family who needed it, and we moved the queen bed up from the basement for the girls to have.

The girls are enjoying their "new room"!

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Mike Durkee said...

That was an ambitious project. Well done!