Monday, February 8, 2010

Ransom Notes CD Release Party

We went to the Ransom Notes CD Release Party in Boulder last Saturday evening. The Ransoms are a sibling group. Amanda, on the left is 22, Michael is 18, and Amelia is 15.
Michael is Jason's cello teacher, and Amelia is Emily's violin teacher. In some of these pictures, Amelia is playing a mandolin. She also plays guitar. This evening they were playing bluegrass music. They are amazing musicians and have been playing together for at least six years. They are teaching our kids using the Suzuki methods.

They also sang with some of the songs.

These are amazing, sweet, polite, talented kids.
We really like them!

Michael's 18th birthday was last week, so his family
surprised him with this birthday cake.

He was successful in blowing out all the candles.
His sister, Amanda, is at his left side.

This is a movie clip of one of the songs they did.
I love it how they have fun while they play and smile at each other!

This movie clip is of the song "Catharsis." It is amazing!

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