Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Week Happenings

On Tuesday evening, Teri Johnson, from the Berthoud Historical Society, came to our Johnstown Historical Society Members' Meeting and reenacted Jenny McCarty for us. Jenny was Dr. McCarty's wife in early 1900s and was an influential person in Berthoud. Berthoud and Johnstown had many connections in the early 1900s and Dr. McCarty took care of people's health needs in our area before and during the starting days of Johnstown. It was a very interesting program.

On Thursday, the Johnstown-Milliken Homeschoolers got together to play board games and decorate cookies (our tradition for February's activity). Everybody had a good time. In fact, everybody was so busy having a good time, we forgot to take very many pictures! Here are the three that Emily took:
Some sweet, shy girls playing a game.

Janet holding Honor Peterson.

Kelly and LeighAnna Kaus, Bonnie Peterson

On Friday evening, Rowen and Janet went to the CHESS Homeschool Valentine Banquet.
Beth was a server for the meal. Here are the servers and the young lady who played beautiful harp music during the meal.

This is a picture of us after we got home from the Banquet.

Beth enjoyed being a server.

On Saturday, we went to Cheyenne to shop at Sierra Trading Post. We dropped off Jason and Emily at the M.'s house and when we returned there, we ate supper and visited with their family. We had very yummy elk stew, cornbread, and salad.
Here are Jason and Daniel M., doing what they do best--computerizing! They are both extremely good at Blender and like to compare notes on their creations.

Emily and Amy M. enjoyed their time together and played the piano and violin together. It was fun for them to visit in person, as they usually can only talk on the phone.

Sunday evening, at Federal Heights Sunday School, the story was David and Goliath. Steve Cunningham was Goliath and used these drywall stilts to be very tall. He was practicing walking on the stilts before the children arrived. This picture was taken right before he grabbed the wall for support and the clock got broken!

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