Saturday, March 20, 2010

More of Emily's birthday

We usually let birthday people choose who they want to have over for the birthday meal, and what they want to have for food for the meal. Emily chose to have the family of her favorite friend, Amy M. So we had Paul and Renee, Daniel, and Amy over for supper on Emily's birthday.

The very fortunate thing is that Daniel is great friends with Jason and Jeffrey! They live in Cheyenne, so we don't see them as often as anyone would like. However, Amy and Emily do keep the phone lines busy almost every day!
Emily chose to have potato soup and salad, with Dirt Cake for dessert. So that is what we ate.

After supper, the kids played Capture the Flag in our yard. Jeffrey had to work until 7 pm so he didn't get to play as long as the others. In this picture, it appears that all the girls are "in jail" in the front yard.

Amy tried to escape. Even though Jason and Daniel had only two on their team, they have very long legs, so catching the girls was easy for them.

At least they were getting exercise. In this picture, Amy is standing guard in the back by our garden and the rock waterfall that is not started yet this year.

Emily had a fun birthday with these friends to play with, and Rowen and I enjoyed visiting with Paul and Renee.

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