Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Emily's 12th birthday!

Happy Birthday to Emily who is twelve years old today!
I can't resist putting on a few more pictures of Emily as a baby. See last year's post for more:
Taken on May 10, 1998

Janet and her girls taken in fall 1998

Emily in her rocking chair June 27, 1999

Emily chillin' out on the piano bench October 1, 1999

We took a few pictures last night as she opened her gifts and will be taking more today. Emily is growing up more and more and becoming a sweet young lady. She is within an inch of her mother's height and daily checking to see if she is the tallest!
Her favorite candy is Skittles, which Beth obligingly bought for her!

Emily looking mischievous--a common sight...

Emily's hair is very long, and usually braided, but it was loose for going to bed.

Stay tuned! There will be more about Emily's birthday within a day or two!

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