Friday, April 16, 2010

Home School Day at the Capitol

Today was Home School Day at the Capitol in Denver. We attended the rally on the west steps of the capitol. We didn't get any crowd shots this year, but these few pictures. Jeffrey was helping some people move today, so he didn't get to go. We took our niece, Hadassah and our friend, Ephraim with us to fill up our empty van seats. Thank the Lord for a cloudy, not rainy or snowy, day. Here is a picture of Hadassah, and in the background, Ken Buck, our County District Attorney, who is running for Senate for Washington, DC, visiting with people in the group. This was before the rally.

Zooming in on Ken in the middle:

Our family with Ken Buck. We are praying he will be our next Senator from Colorado. He's a really good guy who loves the Lord and will do what is right for our country!

Cory Gardner, currently a State Representative, is speaking in this photo. He is running for 4th Congressional (our district) to go to Washington as Representative. The others standing behind him on the steps are the homeschool- and family-friendly legislators in our state government. One of those men spoke who is a homeschool dad of four. We are thankful for a good homeschool law in Colorado and appreciate those who keep it that way!

The speaker at the rally was Bill Armstrong. He has been representative and senator for our state and in Washington in past years, and now is President of Colorado Christian University. He also received the Statesman Award from Christian Home Educators of Colorado. He is one of our heroes for his godly leadership for Colorado! He said several times, "Thank God for homeschoolers in Colorado!"

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