Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Back in November, we attended a Wycliffe Associates Banquet in Ft. Collins. The missionary speaker, Kris Russel, did the chalk drawing below as he spoke. We were given the chalk drawing as a gift for the "work" I did coordinating the calls and reservations for the banquet. Recently, we got it framed and installed in our family room. It is a large picture, and needed to be behind glass because of the chalk dustiness. It is a beautiful reminder of the price Jesus paid so that we can be in right relationship with God.

A picture of us girls on the entry stairway of our home.

Gentle cream and plum raisin: our new living room wall colors. When we get the pictures hung, there will be more pictures. We have to get it back together soon! Jeffrey's party is next week!
This is very different for us, to have all of our walls painted other colors besides Country White!

Springtime on our mound with the bulb flowers we planted last fall.

Our lilacs in back are in bloom and so pretty!

Our neighbor's ornamental crab tree that we always enjoy in the spring.

Couch time at the end of a long day. We don't have our curtains and blinds up in the living room yet because the window woodwork is not finished being painted. I'm not embarrassed, just sunburned from PE that day.

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