Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jason's 15th birthday!

Two years ago I put some sweet pictures of Jason as a baby on here for his birthday. They are really precious, so please click on the hyperlink and see them!
I can't resist adding a couple of pictures from 2003 when Jason was 8 years old. He has always had that mischievous twinkle in his eyes!

Today I measured Jason against our wall of memories where all the children's heights have been marked for 21 years now. He has surpassed his daddy's height of 6'2" now! That has been the standard for many years. Jason is now 6' 2.5"! We are very proud of the fine young man Jason has become. He is very entertaining to us, full of fun, yet thoughtful, devotional, serious, and kind to young and old. Here are some recent pictures of him from this summer.
Jason reading a story to Kassie Reynolds while David Giordano watches.

Jason playing with Quinten Kaus on a mountain picnic.

Pictures from the String Recital in June.

Jason enjoying the mountain stream after a Sunday picnic in July.

Jason contemplating the privilege of Colorado living while at our Johnstown Lake!

Below is a video of Jason playing a song that he has recently made up. This is at the Federal Heights church where we were waiting for the vans of children to arrive for Sunday School.

We love you, Jason! Happy 15th Birthday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jason! We love you!
Your favorite Aunt Sherry