Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kremmling visit on the way to Delta 8-20-10

On our way to Delta, we went north a ways so we could go to Kremmling, CO and meet some new friends. Because of Beth's God's Girls' Newsletter, we hear about and become friends with sweet girls all over the country. Beth and Emily have recently begun writing Beth and Hannah Worden after they joined GGN. Since Kremmling was kind of on the way to Delta, we felt it was a good opportunity to get acquainted in person. We only had an hour to stop, but we enjoyed getting to know the Worden family, except for the dad, Paul, who was at work. They had mint tea and yummy oatmeal peanut butter M&M cookies for us to eat!
Beth Albertson and Beth Worden

Cherish Worden, Emily Albertson, Hannah Worden

The Worden girls: Cherish, Beth, and Hannah

Beth, Daniel, Faith (Mrs. Worden), David, Cherish, and Hannah

Cherish and David are twins. They are a home school family and all of them play string instruments. Their family also makes music DVDs in which they match music to beautiful scenery movies that they capture around the beautiful area where they live. It was a fascinating and fast hour visit!

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