Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fat Man's Misery (or What Jason and Emily did while we went to Ouray!)

Jason and Emily were invited to go on a hike with some of the church's young people on Saturday afternoon. Actually we all were invited, but we really wanted at least some of us to go to Ouray, so Jason and Emily were the ones who were brave enough to go on a hike called "Fat Man's Misery" with almost strangers!
The next couple of pictures show why the hike is titled "Fat Man's Misery". You had to squeeze through about 30 feet of this rocky staircase with the opening about a foot and a half wide.

Sister Cheryl had never been on the hike before, but she was a fearless leader!

After the "misery" part, they climbed up a little hill that overlooked the river pictured below.

They watched some guys jumping off the top of the bridge into the water, but they were more sensible than to try it. A couple of the kids who had been here before said if you jumped off the wrong side of the bridge, you could be killed because a train car was submerged in there.

They did a lot more hiking but unfortunately Jason's camera batteries died after these pictures, so they can't prove anything else that they did! They had a good time and got some mosquito bites and some good exercise. This area was very desolate and desert like, except for right around the river being green. There are so many different types of terrain in Delta and the surrounding miles. We appreciated Sister Cheryl taking the kids on the hike.

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