Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Afternoon trip to Ouray, CO from Delta

On Saturday afternoon when we didn't have a church service to attend at IHC, part of our family and the Kaus family drove 1.25 hours to Ouray, CO. Rowen had been there about 30 years ago, but the rest of us never had been. We found that the scenery on the Western Slope is very different from our side of the mountain. We enjoyed it very much.

At Ouray, there is a Box Canyon formed by a waterfall that we hiked down many steps to see. Rowen said it is much safer now with all the guard rails compared to when he was there before.

You can see part of the waterfall in the following pictures. It was hard to get in a single picture.

The picture above is taken from the stairs before getting to the bottom.
There is mist in the air from the waterfall.

It was almost like a cave there in the bottom by the river.

After we went to the bottom, then we hiked to the top of the canyon where there was a bridge over the canyon. These pictures were taken of the town of Ouray from a pavilion on this hike.

This picture was taken with my cell phone to send to our grown boys in MO. It is similar to a picture Rowen took so long ago which has been installed in the back of our family nativity stable for over 25 years. I always imagined it was what Mary and Joseph saw when they looked out of the stable. (Except that their stable did not have #2 on it)!

Rowen, Randy and LeighAnna Kaus enjoying the view from the bridge on top!

Kelly Kaus, her boys, and I had to go through the tunnel on the top. It led to a hike that would have taken us to town, but not to the parking lot, so we came back.

The trip to Ouray was a fun way to spend the afternoon. We got a cardio workout from the heights and the hike! It was such a beautiful day and we enjoyed what God has made and set in motion in nature.

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