Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beth's 17th birthday, September 26, 2010

We've never had a seventeen-year-old girl before!!!! Beth celebrated her birthday this past Sunday pretty much like we celebrate every Lord's Day, except that we had two families for church and lunch, instead of the usual one guest family. Beth drove us to Federal Heights in the afternoon for the children's service.
Beth got a Cricut, partially as a gift from us, partially paying for herself. She has already used it to make two song visuals for the children's Sunday School at Federal Heights. It will be used for scrapbooking, besides making more song visuals. She also asked for and received the newest Victory Trio CD, entitled "I Must Make Heaven." The songs will be a blessing in our home; we all enjoy listening to the Victory Trio.

Beth is a wonderful blessing to all of our family as she daily helps in the kitchen and with weekend cleaning in our home and the Chamber of Commerce. She is also a blessing to the Brown family by faithfully babysitting Lincoln on Mondays and other times as needed.

A funny picture of Beth and Lincoln "in jail." They are actually kneeling behind a kitchen chair.

Beth is studying hard in her senior year of homeschooling, taking hard classes like Human Anatomy and Physiology (Advanced Biology), Speech, Economics, Spanish, Driver Training, English 12, British Lit., Algebra 2. She continues to publish the God's Girls' Newsletter every month, which is an inspiration to many girls who receive it. She is a busy girl!!

We love and appreciate Beth very much!
Here are some Albertsons, Hinkles, and Kauses around our table for Sunday dinner, enjoying the birthday cake Kelly Kaus made for her. (Not everybody got in this picture.)

Mathew and Nicole Hinkle, Phoebe and Ethan joined us this Sunday. They come for church every few months.

We missed Jeffrey; he is in Cincinnati this week at God's Bible School taking the onsite classes for his online studies.

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StacieH said...

Beth~ Again as I read about your birthday I am reminded of the SWEET gentle spirit God has given you. You are a treasure to HIM and surely a treasure to us :)