Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Other pictures from my trip to Indiana and the wedding

For Friday lunch, Tim and Brenda, Audrey, the Susans, and I went to a restaurant and ice cream parlor named Zaharakos in downtown Columbus, IN. It is a unique place because it is also a museum of old fashioned soda fountains and mechanical music orchestrions.

When the Susans and Tim arrived, we were given a large booth in the back, but we still got to hear the Welte orchestrion play twice. I do not have a picture of the one that played, but it is on their website. The one pictured here, I took because I knew Emily would be interested in the violin featured in it. These orchestrions are played with the player piano type "rolls" with holes the air goes through.

These pre-wedding pictures are taken at Cummins Corporation headquarters in Columbus, IN where they have beautiful grounds (and street side parking! woohoo!) Of course, while the real photographers were using the beautiful backgrounds, I was snapping shots toward the street side parking!

The brides' girl cousins, Ava and Reese, who were flower girls

One of the groomsmen, Jesse, enjoying the flower girls' photo op, while Shushan and Melissa look on. The little girls were taking care of the brides' bouquet.

Shushan, Melissa, and Audrey, the bridesmaids

My son, Tim and his father-in-law, Phil Stevenson, father of the groom

My son, Tim and his wife, Brenda. Brenda's brother is the groom.

Seth smilingly receiving sisterly smooches from Audrey and Brenda. Of course, the photographers were forcing this PDA!

Alesia and Seth and the flower girls, Reese and Ava Pruitt

Brent Susan and Tim Albertson

Brent, Alicia, and Tirzah Susan

One post wedding picture in the foyer. Alesia and Seth greeting Martin Barnard, a friend from Faith Bible School days.

The reception at the Otter Creek Country Club

Maria, Daniel, and 5.5 month old David Byler

Paul, Sarah, Brynna, and Amara Koerner. (Maria is Paul's sister.)

Lindell Howard and the Susans

My plate--all yummy stuff!

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