Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seth and Alesia Stevenson's wedding September 17, 2010

Seth Stevenson has been an honorary member of our family for many years. In 2003, when Randy went away to Faith Bible School, he regularly brought friends home with him for weekends and days off school. Seth was one of those who came to our house often. We made a practice of "When you are here, you are FAMILY" long before our kids bought us the plaque which hangs in our entry way. Seth was one of our first "adopted" sons.
For one of Seth's visits, he brought his sister, Brenda, along. That was a Thanksgiving visit, which got extended by a major snowstorm! During those days, the whole idea of Brenda becoming a part of our family was planted in Tim's mind! Now they have passed their second anniversary!
Because of Seth's adoption into our family, we have frequently prayed for a companion for him. This year God has answered our prayers, when Seth opened his mind, eyes, and heart to Alesia Pruitt who has been working at the Kentucky Mountain radio station with him for two years.
I was privileged to fly to the wedding in Columbus, IN this past week for their vows before God and many witnesses. It was a beautiful ceremony and God's presence was there. Seth and Alesia's home, ministry, and future in God's work are in our prayers. That's what you do for those you love--you pray!
Here are a couple of "fun" pictures. Yes, Alesia is going to be good for Seth, and keep him laughing!

Seth and Alesia with her cousins: the boys were ushers, the girls were flower girls

Melissa Lorimer, Matron of honor, Brent Susan, Best Man, Audrey Stevenson, bridesmaid, Tim Albertson, groomsman, Ava and Reese Pruitt, flower girls, Shushan Richardson, bridesmaid, Jesse Muehlbauer, groomsman

Jesse Muehlbauer, Seth Stevenson, Brent Susan, Tim Albertson

Alesia and her girls

Alesia and her parents, Rick and Alissa Pruitt

Alesia and her mother

Seth and two of his sisters, Audrey and Brenda. I am sorry I did not get a picture of the whole family and especially Enid!

Seth and his parents, Kathleen and Phil Stevenson

A view from the back pew during the wedding.

Seth and Alesia and Alesia's childhood pastor, Rev. Keith Robinson

Alesia and Seth with "Colorado Mom" Janet

Seth and Alesia with the cakes Seth's parents made and decorated

My gift to the couple is the quilt I made this year.

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