Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brent, Alicia, and Tirzah Susan's visit February 10-16

We thoroughly enjoyed the Susans coming to visit us this past week. We had a relaxing time together, played games, had music, loved on Tirzah, visited and solved all of the world's problems. Here are samples of the many pictures we took while they were here.
Tirzah lovin' Grandpa Rowen

Tirzah having "personal 'votions"

Alicia and Emily playing hymns together

Alicia enjoying some hot tea.

Lincoln and Tirzah reading Bible stories together.

Grandpa Rowen terrifying Tirzah in a giggly sort of way.

Alicia teaching Tirzah Spanish

Beth reading to Tirzah before bed

Jason playing "Stacking Hands" with Tirzah at McDonalds

Tirzah telling Jeffrey all about it!

Emily and Tirzah

Tirzah getting ready to play a special song for us.

Family picture taken on our walk around Johnstown Lake

Some of us on the pier.

Last picture before heading to the airport with them!

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