Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Nadir Update

I went for my lab work today on what was supposed to be my low point "nadir" of blood counts. Thank the Lord my counts were good; the Neulasta shot was effective in stimulating my bone marrow! The girls and I had a series of errands to run and found other places (since we are here, we should stop there...) to go and were away from home all day. As a result, I am "worn to a frazzle" (Lum n Abner quotation) tonight and want to take a shower and go on to bed! The doctor gave me advice on what to take to prevent some of the side effects I weathered through this past cycle. I will be interested to know if following this advice to the letter will help. I'll let you know... I am thankful for all the strength, health, and well-being I have been given by God in direct answer to many people's prayers. All the time, God is good.
Love and thanks,
Janet Albertson

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