Sunday, June 19, 2011

Janet's Inevitable Hair Removal

On Friday and Saturday June 17-18, it became quite obvious that Janet's hair was falling out, right at the predicted time after her first round of chemo.
So, we picked a rare time when everybody was at home to take it all off for her. Jason indignantly declined the offer to actually wield the scissors or clippers, but he faithfully captured a video of the entire ordeal; thanks, Jason.
Jeff began, then took turns with Beth, Emily, and finally Rowen.

Only once did Janet yield to her emotions, which we all were feeling...

It was a sad time, but we tried to keep each other cheerful. Janet has diligently taught our children, from their early childhood, to 'do the next thing'. There is always a 'next thing to do', so as a family we often remind ourselves and each other, to just 'do the next thing'. As we began the removal of Janet's hair, she resolutely reminded us again, that it was time to do the next thing, which was to remove her hair, as completely as possible with hair clippers. We decided not to actually shave her imperfect scalp, at least at this time.

Janet now is experimenting with wig, scarf, cap, and hat options. As I write this, she is still undecided as to her favorite, but it is less than 24-hours since her scalp has been exposed to the elements.
We have been having trouble with a plague of rabbits eating the tender green bean plants in our garden. Upon "Google-ing" the problem this week, I discovered that some people have successfully repelled rabbits by placing human hair around their garden. So, the last of Janet's hair to be removed was strewn among our precious beans plants.


Esther McMaster said...

I'm wiping tears right now. Your family has such an amazing way you get through things together. I love your motto -do the next thing. We'll have to remember that in our family. I love you all! Esther McMaster

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for all of you! But your a strong family and you have each other and the good Lord to lean on. I'm going to start today "to do the next thing." Thank you for this little motto. Thank you for showing me the way back to the God of my childhood!