Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 24 50th birthday for Janet

Even though this was #50 birthday for me, we didn't think we would be up to having a party. So Beth called and emailed people asking for a card shower for me. As a result, I have heard via cards, email and Facebook from lots more people than could've come for a party!

So far, 103 cards have come; 10 e-cards, over 140 greetings on Facebook. The beautiful roses are a gift from Kevin and Bonnie Peterson, long time homeschool and family friends. The gorgeous Cala Lily is a gift from homeschool friend, Karen Weaver. The shoes are from Rowen; the new mp3 player is from my children. Emily got the Symphony bar and Sunny D for me. (Sunny D being one of the things that tastes good to me during this time, and Symphony being my favorite candy bar!) The box of toffee and the note pad on the right are gifts from Randy and Kelly Kaus, great homeschool and home church friends. The bird card by the shoes is hand drawn by our friend, Beth Ann Worden, from Kremmling, Co. She is Beth's pen pal and is amazingly talented in so many ways, but when we got this in the mail, we realized she is a pencil artist, as well! There are lots of beautiful, uplifting, and funny cards in that pile of cards. If they are still in any envelope, that means they are beautified by glitter.
Oops, I just realized one of the gifts I received is not in the picture. Sunshine Gearhart, another great homeschool friend, gave me a Pampered Chef kitchen gadget for stirring things, beating eggs, etc. Sorry I had already put it in the drawer before the picture!
We enjoyed eating out at Texas Roadhouse in Greeley. Steak tastes yummy to me, where most things don't taste like they normally do while I'm 'under the influence' of chemotherapy.
Thank you to each one who reached out to me with love, prayers, cards, gifts, and thoughts for my birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Janet, you do not know me--I am Eunice Gault's niece. I live in Ohio and I read and enjoy your blog regularly. I taught your daughter-in-law Brenda when she was in the 3rd grade! I wanted to wish you happy birthday, as well as let you know I pray for you often during your bout with cancer. My mother is a 10-year survivor. God does answer prayer! Blessings to you and your family. Sharon Knight

Daryl Hausman said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you from the Hausman's! Daryl saw your son Jeffrey when we went up to GBS for revival the other night. I wasn't with him so didn't get to greet him. Funny how many kids we know that are here in college this fall. Natasha plans to start some classes possibly 2nd semester, didn't feel quite up to trying that load this semester after her ordeal!
Our prayers are with you,
The Hausman's