Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recent Quilting Projects

This is Mother's latest finished quilt. It is a Five Stripe pattern and is very similar to the one she made for Seth and Alesia Stevenson. She had so many blocks left over, she had to make another. It is oversized, so will work on a King or a Queen former waterbed, like theirs. No more fighting over covers! The cedar chest at the end of the bed is Emily's, which Grandpa Scoles made for her this summer while she was at Joplin.

This is the quilt top Mother made especially for Brent and Alicia Susan, our dear friends who live in Pennsylvania. They picked the fabrics and the pattern (Clay's Choice) when they were visiting us in February. Mother is going to send it to them to be quilted and finished in Pennsylvania.

This is the quilt I (Beth) have started. The top left of the picture, you can see the printout of the pattern the quilt will be. I scanned my fabrics and then created the pattern in Photoshop. I found out it is hard to put a quilt together when you make up the pattern yourself!

Part of what I have together so far. Other things have gotten in the way of completing it so far, but Mother will make sure I stick with it and get it done eventually.

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