Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Albertson working at ACE Hardware, Johnstown

It has been our family's delight to have three of our children work at the Ace Hardware downtown. Jeffrey worked there for two years before leaving for God's Bible School last August. Jason started working there last March. Knowing Jeffrey was leaving in August, the boss wanted an Albertson trained to take his place. :) Jason is the lawn and garden manager.

In December, Beth started praying about a job. She babysits on Mondays and other times as needed, but realizes Lincoln is no longer a 13 month old, like he was when she started babysitting. He will be five this month, and will start Kindergarten this summer! She was serious about seeking God's will for this time of her life! One day, Rowen was in Ace, and the boss asked, "Would Beth be interested in a part-time job?" We prayed about it, and felt this was an answer to Beth's prayers. She started training December 26. She works as a cashier and is trying to learn everything she can about where things are in the store, to be a helpful Ace person! Her schedule at this time is working every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; she still has time for Lincoln on Mondays and her writing for God's Girls' Newsletters, and continues to be a helpful person at home. God has helped her learn a lot already and given her joy and contentment in a new setting!

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