Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We got snow last week. Around here, we got about 8 inches. The Denver area got a lot more snow than we did. When we got to Federal Heights Sunday afternoon for the children's service, we found that the good folk who use the church for morning service had cleared the parking area; but to be legal with the city, we needed to pitch in and clear the sidewalks. We had six shovels, so we made pretty quick work of the remaining pathways. We are thankful for the snow, as it is good moisture for the winter wheat crops around here, and ensures a good water supply for summertime.

Rowen, Jason, Emily, Tonya, Steve, and Stacy worked hard and fast to move the snow off the sidewalks!

Click on this picture to enlarge and see Stacy and Emily working. The church is a deep corner property, so it is a lot of sidewalk we are responsible to clear.

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