Saturday, May 19, 2012

Charissa's dedication May 16, 2012

Charissa was dedicated to the Lord on Wednesday evening, May 16th.     She went to sleep during the earlier part of the service, so she "behaved" very well for the dedication.
Brenda had made her a beautiful satin dress to wear. 
                            Tim and Brenda pledged to teach and train Charissa in the Lord's ways.                                             
Grandpa Scoles, Charissa's great-grandpa, read the dedication service and prayed for Charissa.
After church was over, Charissa woke up for picture taking.
Charissa with her Grandpa and Grandma Albertson, and Great-grandpa and Great-grandma Scoles
Charissa is blessed to get to see her great-grandparents often.  They love her very much.
Charissa with her great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents: Tim and Brenda
  Charissa with Grandma and Grandpa Albertson
Charissa with grandparents and Aunt Emily and Uncle Jeffrey
Charissa is dearly loved by her family and the Lord!

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