Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Visit with the Lauritzens

 On May 5, we were privileged to have the Lauritzen family for a meal and visit.  Robert and Mary are missionaries to Ghana, Africa with their children:  Emily, Titus, Isaac, and Miriam.  They also have older children that are married.  Before this, we had never met them in person, but Emily has been penpals with Beth for several years.  She has also been a faithful subscriber to God's Girls' Newsletter that Beth publishes every month.  Other times when they have been in the US, Emily has texted with Beth, but this time, they were coming to Colorado for deputation services, and we were able to get together!  We enjoyed the evening of visiting and learning about God's work in Ghana.  On Sunday morning, May 6, we went to the church where they were speaking so we could learn more.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting these wonderful people.  In the pictures below, they are wearing the native costume of Ghana.

Beth and Emily

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