Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pictures from our time at God's Bible School, Cincinnati, Ohio

May 10-14, Rowen, Emily, and I were able to be with Jeffrey at God's Bible School for the school end Camp Meeting.  It was a privilege for us to go and see where Jeffrey has been this school year.  We loved meeting his professors and friends, spending time with our nephews and their families, besides seeing old friends and making new ones.  After our time there, we took Jeffrey to Joplin where he will spend the summer painting for his brothers' company, ABE Painting, to make more money so he can go back to GBS in the fall to continue his study in missions.
 Jeffrey and Emily in the golf cart he uses to deliver packages. This was a part of his work study job.
 Jeffrey pretending a Curious George story with Elliott and Simon.  They have gotten fond of Jeffrey over the school year.
 Our nephew, Aaron leaving his house to go to graduation.  He has been head of General Studies at GBS.  This picture shows how close his house is to the next one.  We were amazed how tall, skinny, and close the houses were in Cincinnati.
 The GBS choir singing in the camp meeting services.  They were a blessing to hear.  Every service was anointed and helpful.
 The chapel is the level where the pretty, big windows are.  Above are offices, below are classrooms, but the upper levels are Boys' Dorm rooms.  I have marked Jeffrey's room with the arrow.  Rowen says there are 60 stairs to get up to his room!

 An interesting stairway down from the chapel area to the street where Aaron and Lisa live.  There are stairs everywhere in this city of seven hills.
 Jeffrey in front of the church he attends: Florence, Kentucky Church of the Nazarene.
 We had a meal with Seth and Alesia Stevenson while we were in their territory.
 This lady approached me and asked, "Are you also a cancer survivor?"  We had noticed we had similar "coming back from bald" hairdos!  Her name is Patty Jo, and she has also come through the breast cancer journey by God's help.
 One of the stained glass windows in the front of the chapel.
 Lisa and Elliot Profitt and her mother, Leta Witt.
 Aaron and Simon Profitt.  Aaron and Lisa graciously allowed us to stay in their home with them.
 Emily and me on Mother's Day.
Rowen and me on Mother's Day
Valerie Profitt and her girls, Aubrey and Annie.  We got to eat at Adam and Val's twice.  Sorry we did not get a good picture of Adam.
 Rowen and me on the picturesque stairs.
Don and Karin Litchfield, "electronic friends."  We got to meet them in person and enjoyed sharing a meal and conversation together.

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