Thursday, July 12, 2012

Janet's June projects

A while back, Beth was doing her usual greeting at the ACE check-out, "Did you find everything you needed today?" and the answer was, "No, I can never find what I am looking for.  I want containers to put my end wrench sets in where they will be organized at all times."  Beth answered, "My mother has made those for my daddy and my brothers out of denim.  Would you like her to make you some?"
 So, I finally got around to doing it.  The gentleman came over with his end wrench sets and laid them out on his truck tailgate, so I could draw around them in the arrangement he desired.  He wanted two different organizers.  This is the smaller one of the two he requested.
 This is the larger one that went from very, very small, to very large.
 This is the day he picked them up, and put them all in the appropriately marked slots.
 After this, he closed them, rolled them up, tied them, and they are in the bottom of his tool box to this day!
 My more beautiful June project was making the second grandson quilt.  It is a twin size. I will be taking it to the quilter very soon, and will pick up the first grandson quilt.
Here is the first grandson quilt.  There are three fabric differences between them.  #1 the animals are random, and #2, the animals are paired up.  I made # 1 quilt in April.

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