Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 1-8 visit from the Albertsons

Our nephew, Herb Albertson, his wife, Jenny, and their six children: Abigail, Ben, Celeste, Daniel, Zeke, and Zach came to spend some time with us last week.  We had a great time together!

 The Mendez cousins came over on July 3rd and 4th too, so we had lots of fun cousin time!
 The grown-ups table, July 3rd:  Dan and Esther Mendez, Abigail, Stepheni Mendez, Herb, Josiah (Stepheni's little boy), Jenny, Maria Mendez, Janet
 The kids' table: Sarah Mendez, Daniel, Zeke, Ben, Celeste, Emily, Kwani and Hadassah Mendez
 Mendez/Albertson group
 We girls had a tea party one morning, using Beth's tea set and some of my China.  
Jenny and Janet
 Beth, Abigail, Emily and Celeste
 The Mendez cousins came over on July 4th for a water balloon war.  Most of the pictures are movies, but this is taken before everybody got wet!
 This was the evening before when the kids played in the park.
 Celeste and Zachary on our trampoline.  All the kids enjoyed the tramp.
 We played many, many games that week!
 Herb and Jenny celebrated their 20th anniversary by going away to the mountains for a couple of days.  The kids did great staying with us without their parents.  
 I cannot tell you how many games we played, but we had a great time together.  The kids were all well behaved, cooperative, and helpful and were a joy to have in our home.
 Celeste and Emily. 
 Emily had fun braiding Celeste and Abigail's hair different ways.
 Beth and Abigail
 The cousins played a crazy "amoeba" game.  They look calm in this picture, but it was a pretty wild game.

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