Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

This is how our Thanksgiving week started out!  Joy, Brenda, and the kids were coming out on Monday and had an accident.  The van was ruined, but the people were safe!  God had His hand over them.  Rowen and Janet went to Oakley, Kansas to get them and brought them the rest of the way.  Randy and Tim got here by Tuesday lunch time.
This looks like a doll, but it is actually Jonathan.  He is almost as well behaved as a doll.
Quil and Micah enjoyed playing with all of our cars, trucks, and Legos.  Most of the time, they had that part of the family room blocked off to keep Charissa from messing up whatever they were doing.  She likes cars and trucks too.
Jason and Jonathan
Grandma with her arms full of sweetness!
Charissa pretending to play the piano, even picking a different page to play!
Beth and Jonathan
We went ahead and opened presents since we were all together.  Jeffrey was only able to be there electronically.  We had him on the computer on the piano on Google Hangout.
Tim is holding a pencil drawing Emily made for them of herself and Charissa.  Brenda is holding a  hot pad Emily made for her.
Beth got a loaded picnic basket from Tim and Brenda.
Quil and Micah got a special art package from Brenda.  Quil wanted to draw without Charissa taking his crayons, so he made a quiet place with the Take-apart tractors he and Micah received and a box.
Micah was drawing something special in the background while I held an attentive baby that was supposed to be going to sleep!
Rowen with a gift to open.
A plaque for Jason's wall.
Micah's masterpiece
 Thanksgiving Week to be continued!

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