Thursday, November 29, 2012

Visit from Shari and Eric Earhart and family Nov. 12, 13

This is Eric and Shari Earhart and their sweet family.  They were on vacation "in the West" and included us on the trip itinerary.  Shari is Rowen's niece.  We hadn't seen them since Mitch was a baby six years ago.  Beth, however has visited them twice in North Carolina, for 3 1/2 weeks at a time when the twins were born, and when Miles was born.  This picture was shamelessly stolen off Facebook from someone else they visited, because we never got them all in a picture at once when they were at our house.
Mitch and Mandi
The twins, Michael and Melissa
Emily supervising Hi Ho! Cherry-O
Beth with the twins as they dressed the wooden bears
Don't Wake Up Daddy!
Miles putting together shapes in circles.  He's pretty smart for almost two!
Beth reading a bedtime story to the kids
Mitch engrossed in a book
Michael with a beautiful smile
Ready to go out and play in the snow

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