Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Belated post about Emily's 15th birthday

 Emily had a wonderful 15th birthday on March 17.  We have been busy with other things and neglected to blog about her birthday.  On March 16, Mike and Carmen Durkee and baby Michaela spent the evening with us to honor Emily on her birthday.
 Michaela is very sweet, and she seemed to like her "adopted" grandparents and aunties and uncle!
 We played some ping pong with Mike and Carmen.  Emily bought this ping pong table off Craig's List in February and we have been enjoying playing it most days.
 This is Emily's actual birthday.  Emily has become a great helper and companion, filling in the "holes" Beth left when she moved to the R's to be their nanny.  She has been a diligent 9th grader this year and is growing in so many ways.
 Beth gave her a cross stitch bookmark set.  Emily loves to cross stitch.
 Emily wanted a study Bible for her birthday this year.
 She is enjoying the benefit of the color coding for the different themes in the Bible, though it's hard to find those "favorite" verses in a new Bible, because they are not in the same place on the pages.  :)
 We had our favorite doctors and their children for Sunday dinner and the afternoon. 
 Emily wanted Dirt Cake for her birthday dessert this year.
 Opening gifts from the Browns.
 Hope and Emily
 The Browns gave her a special ping pong paddle and balls set.  They have gotten a lot of use since then!
 They also gave her chocolates and chocolate covered raspberries--health food, of course!
 Drs. Matt and Cara:  We love these people so much!
 Faith, Hope, and Lincoln with Matt and Cara.  We have been privileged to be part of their lives for 5 years now.  Lincoln was barely one when Beth first babysat him.  Now Emily gets to babysit them because Beth is too busy.
 A view of Emily's dresser with her cards and other remembrances for her birthday.

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