Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quilting Update

 Here is the "stained glass window" (Carousel pattern) quilt as I am putting the binding on it.
 It turned out very pretty.
 It is a twin size, so doesn't fit this queen bed.
 Close up of the quilting.  I requested black thread on top and white on the underside.  This quilt has been delivered to the little boy for whom it was made.  I hope he sleeps well under it!
 This shows the progress on Tiffany's quilt.  Next time LaDeana and Tiffany have time to come over, we'll be working on the borders, and hopefully get it completed!  (This is the same quilt pattern as the one above.)
 This is a twin size quilt for Jason for when he goes away to college in August.  I will be making a similar one for Jeffrey so they will have coordinating quilts in their dorm room at God's Bible School.

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