Friday, May 31, 2013

Beth's quilt top done!

We finished this on May 7, and it is now at the quilter's place with Jason and Jeffrey's quilts.  Beth  designed this quilt herself in June 2011.  It is truly a unique quilt--never another one just like it because she made it up.  She scanned the fabrics in our printer/scanner, brought them up in Photoshop, and put them together into the design.  After she started making all the parts of it, she realized it would have been easier to use a classic pattern.  The pieces were put in a box for a year and a half, but when we got it out, we mustered up fresh courage to finish it in time to take on our trip to Missouri. She decided to make log cabin blocks for the borders, which were a lot easier and faster. 

We actually added another couple rows at the top, but I forgot to take another picture of it after that.  When we get it back from the quilter, (probably by August), it will appear on this blog with all its finished beauty!

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