Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Dickinson Family's visit to Johnstown 5-20-13

 We loved getting to meet this precious family, missionaries to Columbia and Argentina, S.A.  We have followed their blog for years, and a couple of our older sons had met them before, but it was our first time to meet in person.  We had such a good time together, although it was too short!  In this picture, Sarah, Mary, Kimberly, Heather, Noah, Phil, and Elijah in our backyard.
 This is what the younger children enjoyed doing the most!
 The older kids had a great time playing together too, with their instruments!  There are videos at the bottom of the post of some of the music.
 Heather joined them on the piano and they did some great music!
 Rowen, Mary, and I were enjoying listening to the music.  I was blessed that Mary let me hold her.  She is 2 1/2, but really advanced for that age.  She can even sing in two languages!  There are videos of the Dickinsons singing at the bottom of the post too.
 Kimberly and her violin
 The girls didn't mind letting Emily "shoot" them repeatedly!  Kimberly, Mary, and Sarah--such sweet girls!
 Kimberly, almost exactly Emily's age (15)
 Sarah (12)
 Little Mary
 Sisters who love each other very much!
 Emily loved getting two new friends!
 Kimberly and Emily
 Our family who enjoyed our company so much.  Besides the music and the trampolining, we had great discussions and several wonderful prayer times together.
                                          God Has a Plan for My Life
                                          Zephaniah 3:17
                                          Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Be Thou My Vision--Heather and Kimberly didn't even "know" this song, but played amazingly.
                                          My Jesus, I Love Thee

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Mrs. Albertson, Well, I am supposed to be in bed, and here I sit at the computer instead, listening to these songs that took a day and a half to download. Thank you for your time and work to make this blog post for us to read. I have been 'dying' to hear our grandchildren sing, so I was really happy when I saw what you had done here. What a dear hospitable family you are! It made my heart rejoice when I read that you like to take care of missionary families that are passing through your area. What a beautiful ministry your family has! It was nice to see that you have a son attending God's Bible School. We loved being at that school for 6 years and 3 months. Our 2 sons attended school there, and my husband was the maintenance man during that time. It's so neat seeing Holiness people, as your family is, living for God. Thank you for serving Jesus, and for being an example of the believers. Sincerely, Phillip's mom in Arizona