Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colorado Flooding 2013

  I'm sure most of you have already seen many pictures of the flooding that has taken place in Colorado the past few days.  In Johnstown, we got 6 inches of rain in the week, but many places got much, much more.  In the mountains, the rain was heavy and overflowed the rivers.  As the rivers came down and went through farmlands and towns, all around the rivers there was flooding.  Where we live in Johnstown, we did not have any flooding at all, but north, south, and east of the middle of our town, the roads were closed.  Some still are, because of bridges and roads being damaged.  Rowen has to go the long way to work, and will for however long it take to fix the bridges.
       This is the intersection three miles east of us, on Friday.  Usually we turn north here to go to Rowen's work, or to Greeley.  A little further up this road, past the railroad, the two bridges are out.  So we can't use this route now.
 Here is that bridge I mentioned above. It is the bridge over the Little Thompson.
 This is further north on the same road.  There is another bridge out that is over the Big Thompson River.
 This is County Road 17 north of Johnstown, another route we would usually use that is damaged and closed.
 The next two pictures are of I-25 on last Friday.  Rowen attempted to use I-25 to get to work, but had to get off and return home because of the Big Thompson River over I-25.
 The following pictures are from north of our town where the Big Thompson River goes through.  Emily took them.  The pictures above were from news sources.
We are very thankful to have our phone and internet service back after being without from Friday morning until Monday afternoon.  We are in prayer for all those who have devastating losses and messes to deal with.

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