Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Homeschool Field Trip of the year--August 30

 At the Longmont Museum, there was a special Lego exhibit, with intricate buildings, trains, etc.  Joy, Quil, Micah, and Jonathan went with our homeschool group. 
 This is all made from Legos, which doesn't seem possible!
 After we looked at everything, we went in the next big room, where there were stations set up to make your own Lego creations.
There was a place for little people to play with Duplos.  Jonathan enjoyed that!
 Later, we walked around the rest of the Museum.  Quil and Micah were fascinated with the water table where we controlled the flow of water through the irrigation canals by opening and shutting gates.
 There was a school bell rope to pull and Jonathan liked the ringing sound.
 It was special to have Emily's nephews along on the field trip. 

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