Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Emily pictures in honor of her Sweet Sixteen birthday!

This pictures are scanned from our albums--not the same quality as we get digitally now, but they will definitely show how especially we were blessed by Emily being added to our family!
 Emily joined brothers Randy, Timmy, Jeffrey, and Jason, and sister, Beth a few minutes after midnight on March 17, 1998.  We went home later that morning--before lunchtime if I remember correctly.
 We were waiting for Rowen to bring the van around, but he had to take a picture first.  Beth remembers that the sun was really bright that day!
 Hanging out, watching the baby was the main activity!
Our big kids made "0" birthday brownies for Emily, complete with candles in the shape of 0.
 This was the first Sunday after Emily was born.  Everybody loved her so much!
Daddy and his girls in July 1998
This picture is from October 1998:  Mommy and her sweet girls!
 These two pictures are after Emily is a year old, but they are too sweet not to share!  Beth and Emily in matching dresses, sitting on the changing table.
A couple months later, Jason and Emily on the changing table.  It was a good place for a picture right after getting hair combed!

We have been blessed with all of our children being added to our family one by one.  God knew Emily would be our last one, so He made her extra special!  Happy 16th birthday, Emily!  We all love you!

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