Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our sweet 16 year old!

"For this [sister] I prayed, and the Lord has granted the petition that I asked of Him!"

When I was four and Mother was expecting Emily, I prayed every day in family devotions "that it will be a girl: for me to have a sister!"  I am SO glad God saw fit to give us Emily.  She is so precious.  My big sister heart REJOICES exceedingly as I see her walk with God and grow in her relationship with Him.  Her strong friendships are an outflow of not only her "butterfliestic" personality, but that friendship with Jesus; and her friends are SO blessed my her encouragement.  The Lord has gifted Emily in so many, many ways, and she has chosen to give those gifts to Him by blessing others with the violin music, the beautiful photography, the personal sketches, the loving care of children and creativity in means of entertaining/helping them, handcrafted gifts, helpful service, a listening ear, word of support or blessing, and any other thing I may not think of at the moment!

Here's a bird picture that Emily drew for me.  She sent it to me here at school (love getting mail from her!!) and I pinned it up on my wall right above my desk, at eye level, where I look at it several times a day.

I guess I should mention the reason for the timing of this post: Tomorrow will mark sixteen (16) years since Daddy took us five older kids to the hospital to pick up Mommy and meet baby Emily.  (But, I'm not the one with photo albums here in the dorm, so, you don't get to see a picture of us doing that.)

Happy Birthday, sweet sister!  Wish I could be there with you for your celebration.

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