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A catch up post about Summer 2014

It seems like we've been extra busy this summer, but we're not sure why.  We've had Jason and Beth home since May, and today they left to travel back to Cincinnati.  We've babysat most Tuesdays and Thursdays and that has involved a lot of taking kids to tennis lessons, volleyball practices, bowling, roller maybe that has kept us busy.  There was that eight days of early election judge job that Janet did.  Everybody had to pitch in to cook, clean, and do laundry in her stead.  The gardening, sewing, evening walks, weeding at the museum, helping with the Car Show, the helping out with children's ministry.  Then there was the week away at McPherson, Ks. for Kansas State Holiness Association Camp.  What a blessed time!  What an enjoyable time to see old friends, as well as our kids, Tim, Brenda, and Charissa, and Janet's sister, Marlene and hubby Scott.  Then we had a week of VBS at Federal Heights.  This past Monday, Rowen took off work so we could take a hike to Gem Lake near Estes Park.  That was physically challenging and a beautiful day to be together.  I don't know why I've been too busy to blog, but maybe this attempt will take care of the problem and I can do better in the future.  Here are some pictures of our summer:
May 22: This was a God's Bible School Choir service that was supposed to take place at the Colorado Capitol building.  But it rained, and the service was moved to the church at Federal Heights.  The empty pews you see had been filled with all of the choir members, nearly 50 people.  Randy is praying at the beginning of the service.
The front of the church is too small for risers or instruments some choir members play, so this service was different than any others on the western tour.  Nevertheless, God's presence was there and it was a wonderful service.  Jason is third boy from the right.
The audience on the right side, behind all the empty pews where the choir had been sitting.
This was Jonathan's first time to see Jason since Christmas break!  He called him Jeffrey all summer.  He probably can't remember seeing both of them at once, since he was so young at Christmastime.  Jason went on with the choir further west, before we got him home for the rest of the summer.
Rowen and Janet carried the Historical Society banner in the Johnstown BBQ Day parade ahead of the honored Volunteer of the Year who was in a fancy car.
Janet holding Jewelyn at the park during BBQ Day in the Johnstown Historical Society booth.
Jason and Beth played together on the pianos quite a bit this summer.
Jewelyn gives lots of smiles!
Rowen with two siblings and three cousins at a mini-Family Reunion in June.

The relatives who got together in a park in Colorado Springs, minus two who had already left before the pictures.
Emily, Beth, and their cousins:  Kwani, Sarah, and Hadassah
Rowen and his sister Esther and brother Nathan
Rowen and four of his five grandchildren on Father's Day
Randy and his children on Father's Day
Beth on one of our walks
Rowen and Beth on a walk
Emily's booth at the Christian Home Educators of Colorado June 12-14
She sold lots of her beautiful photo card sets and enjoyed interacting with the public in the Youth Vendor Hall.
Jason must have been taking this picture.  We ate on the deck when the weather was not too unbearably hot.
Beth helped out in the children's part of the services by either leading the songs or giving the children's sermon.
Rodney Keister came for a special service with his dog Baby.  He gave an allegorical sermon in which the dog demonstrated the traps of sin.  
Jason holding Jewelyn
Rowen talking with Joe, one of our blind men who comes to church.  Rick, our other blind man visiting with Ken, who started coming regularly this summer.
Emily, Joy, Jewelyn, and Joanna--matching in blue one Sunday
Joy and Jewelyn
We helped our friends pick their sour cherries!
The tree was loaded!
The next day, Emily helped Sunshine pit the cherries and make pie filling.
Beth and Emily on a mountain hike
Jason and Beth
Videochatting with Jeffrey on Sunday evenings after church
An evening walk around Johnstown Lake
Janet and Rowen at the Lake
Jason, Beth, and Emily at the Lake
Rowen and Janet helping at the Historical Society's first-ever Car Show
July 19 was a hot afternoon.  We sold lots of pop, water, and ice cream to keep participants and viewers cool.
Rowen and Janet at the Car Show
One of the winning cars happened to be a 1914 Ford, which was pretty cool to picture in front of our 1914 Parish House Museum after the Show.
Emily enjoyed working in the Snack Shop at KSHA Camp this year, instead of the kitchen, with Charley and Janelle Hughes and Teresa Freeman.
We enjoyed beautiful singing by Derek and Alanna McIntire,
powerful preaching by Daniel Stetler,
Brian Spangler, 
and Derald Hunt.
Great meals and fellowship with Marlene and Scott DeOrnellis, and Tim, Brenda, and Charissa Albertson
Lori Owens put herself into Pilgrim's Progress in children's services.   
Emily helped every day in the children's services.  In this picture, the three children are carrying heavy burdens on the way to the cross.
One of the children's activities was swinging across the Pit of Acid.
Emily enjoyed time with her niece, Charissa.
Brenda combed Charissa's hair in a fancy sideways braid.
We went out for ice cream one evening with Shawna Wright and three of her kids, Scott and Marlene, and Tim, Brenda, and Charissa.
Brenda, Charissa, and Tim
Grandma and Charissa
Another meal together
Another picture of children's church
Charissa at the Snack Shop
Ready for church a little early
Some of the orchestra gathering before the service
Dear friends:  Kim, Derald, and daughter Judy Hunt.  Judy is getting married August 29, so look for that in a future post! 
Evening VBS at Federal Heights Immanuel Missionary Church August 4-8

August 11:  Jason, Rowen, Janet, Randy, Emily, Beth, Joanna (Joy's sister) at the Trail Head before the hike
An easy part of the hike to Gem Lake
Gem Lake, not too big, but a welcome sight!
Some of us on the way back down
Crossing a log bridge
Janet and Rowen taking a rest on the way up 
One of the beautiful views of Longs Peak and Meeker
Joanna took this picture of just the Albertsons.  Estes Park is below.

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