Saturday, September 6, 2014

Finishing up August

Before Beth and Jason left for college, we decided to celebrate some birthdays.  They were leaving on August 16.  Janet's birthday is August 24; Jason's August 29, and Beth's is September 26.  So the girls got out the China plates, put flowers on the table, and we sang some birthday songs.  We also had assorted cheesecake because it is one of our favorite things.
 We are thankful that the Lord is helping Jeffrey, Beth, and Jason as they have begun a new school year at God's Bible School and College in Cincinnati.  We miss them!  Emily is the only "child" at home.  Our college boarder that we had last school year decided not to come back to school in Greeley this semester.
 We debated all summer about what colors to paint our kitchen.  Randy painted it for us after Beth and Jason left for school.  In the picture above, a calendar and framed picture is not yet back on the wall, and Janet made a new bag bag to replace the old blue one in the picture.
 The other wall is European Linen but looks like a light yellow.
 Both the colors of paint change according to the lighting and the time of day.  The red door is the same color as the red wall, but the lighting is different in the pantry, so it doesn't look the same in this picture.  The European Linen looks more yellow in that lighting.  Overall, we are loving the new colors.  The kitchen had been blue since 2004 when we remodeled the kitchen.  We kept the wall paper the same, and everybody comments that the red wall brings out the red in the wall paper.  (See early birthday picture above for wall paper.) (We did have to put away the red tablecloth, as it was not the right color of red.)

On Janet's birthday, we were at Randy and Joy's house for dinner after church.  The grandsons made the sweet wall hangings to help us celebrate.
 Jonathan was playing I Spy with Grandma.
 Randy built this Book Nook in the corner of the living room.  The boys love to read and be read to in the Book Nook.
 Funny faces on the grandsons!

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