Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Service at Federal Heights

On December 21, in the evening, we were involved in the Christmas service at Federal Heights.  Quil and Micah recited the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20.
 We had quite a group of children who came.  Some of them had not been to church or the program practice to learn the songs.  In fact, a couple of them said they came for the plate of cookies that were given out to each one at the end.  But they heard the real meaning of Christmas and that is most important.
 Beth read the Christmas story from Matthew 1:18-2:12.
 Jeffrey told the story of "The Man and the Birds."
 Then he played a Christmas carol on his dulcimer.
 Joy told a Christmas story for the children.
 Emily played O Holy Night on the piano.
 Randy preached a short sermon.
 Jason and Emily beautifully played their strings together.
And everybody got the promised plate of cookies!

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